RMHB has been building the most recognizable modular homes in Colorado for over 10 years. During that time frame we have painstaking developed a complete system for designing, permitting, and building these great homes. This system is organized into our “The Road Home” process. This process is a step-by-step system we use to guide the homeowner from start to finish on design of their custom dream home. Through a series of events and meetings we are able to address the entire design process in manageable steps to allow for an efficient and thorough project.

STAGE 1 - Project Planning

At this stage, we officially kick off the Road Home Process and begin the design of your new home.

Your home planning specialist will have already presented a preliminary floor plan and allowance schedule that will serve as the starting point for the design process. This preliminary floor plan will be submitted to the factory for drafting.

After an initial site visit, we will put together an initial site plan that lays out how the house and site built structures will be placed on your site. We will stake the location of the house and order a survey and soils test if needed. The data we collect from these will be critical for engineering the foundation and driveway.

At the completion of the first stage of The Road Home, we will begin work on the first drafted set of house plans and preliminary site plan.

Prior to scheduling the Stage #2 meeting, you will receive a Stage #2 Preparation Packet to be completed in advance of the meeting.


STAGE 2 - Layout & Adjustment

With the information we collected in the Stage #1 paperwork, we have created your first set of prints.

  1. These prints are referred to as “Stage #2 Prints.”  With these plans, we are getting the first real glimpse of what the house and its components will end up looking like.  Imagine that the preliminary plans were a ball of clay–these plans are that same clay getting molded into something that resembles a house!
    1. The floor plan will be drawn in complete detail. The factory and our drafters will “fill in the gaps” to work out any dimensional issues and other drafting challenges.
    2. All 4 elevations of the house will be drawn. We will be primarily concentrating on just the floor plan at this stage in order to dial in how the structure of the house will lay out.
    3. The electrical, HVAC, foundation, and plumbing prints don’t show up until the “Stage #3 Prints.” Before those details are added we need to make sure that the house floor plan is finalized so that those details do not need to be designed and laid out more than once.
    4. If we made any changes to the standard features such as roof pitch, additional square footage, snow load requirements, etc., we will update your allowance allowance schedule. During The Road Home Process the allowance schedule and options total will continue to develop as we move toward a final complete set of prints.
    5. Prior to the Stage #2 meeting, we will have received any required survey and soils test results. This information will be given to the engineer immediately following the Stage #2 meeting.
    6. At the conclusion of the Stage #2 meeting, the dimensions of the various components of your home (house, garage, decks, etc.) are now locked in. These items will be incorporated into foundation prints and site plan immediately following the completion of the Stage #2 meeting.
    7. Prior to the Stage #3 meeting, you will receive the Stage #3 Preparation Packet that will need to be completed during that meeting.



STAGE 3 - Design & Finishes

Stage 3 decisions focus primarily on finish choices.

This is what most people imagine when they think of home design.  Deciding what color the tile is in the master bathroom, how many outlets to put in the office; do we need more storage in the kitchen?  This it the nitty gritty, down to the last detail stage in the design process that makes your home unique and customized to fit your lifestyle and personal taste.

  1. Stage #3 will be the first time you see the electrical wiring, HVAC and plumbing on your home plans.
  2. You will, as with every set of prints, receive current options total pricing. This will include new items that the redlines and notes that were turned in at Stage #2 generated. This pricing will be sent to you shortly after we send the updated prints. You will have the pricing detail prior to our Stage #3 meeting so that you have time to review it in detail.
  3. The site plan and foundation plan will be engineered and will be reviewed with you at this meeting.

STAGE 4 - Ready To Build

At this stage you have made it past the hardest part of building a custom home. We refer to Stage #4 meeting as the “release meeting”.

At this point in the process we have received your “Stage 4 prints” with all of the necessary construction details for building permits and are ready to “release” the home into the construction phase of the process. It is at this point that the home is ordered from the factory and you will have all of the following to proceed with building your home:

  1. Final Prints for the entire project. These will include all of the prints, now in final form, that you have become familiar with during the three previous stages. These prints become the final prints for construction.
  2. Final finish schedule. This final document has been updated with any changes and clarifications that were noted in Stage #3.
  3. Final Elevations
  4. Final options total and details
  5. Final allowance schedule
  6. Warranty Documentation.